The charm of marble color difference


The color difference texture of natural marble is formed after hundreds of millions of years of geological movement.


color difference

In the past few decades, many people like regular, single, simple design style, so they will not be satisfied with the problem of marble color difference.

designBut in the eyes of designers, in fact, stones with color difference are precious. The bigger the color difference is, the more precious the marble is. Designers think that natural is the best.

There won't be two identical stones in the world. The natural color difference is just the charm of stone. Clever use of marble color difference, can make the whole room will bloom a different style.


Many customers think that the quality of marble with color difference is poor. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of marble.

Causes of color difference of marble

Marble is formed in the natural environment after at least 100 million years of complex physical and chemical changes, coupled with the evolution of geological movement. Many internal and external factors will cause the ever-changing of marble. This kind of change, is objective existence, no matter how late processing, can not change, all eventually formed the marble color difference.

Reason 1: surface and deep deposits

Marble is mined in batches from the mine, from top to bottom, from outside to inside. Under the natural environment, the outer layer of stone, more contact with water, air, sunlight.

color difference

However, the marble hidden in the interior has no such environment. Therefore, there is a general difference in color between surface and deep deposits.

After the deep mining, in the sun, air, water and other new environment, marble will also change, resulting in color differences.

Reason 2:the mineral content is not uniform

The basic material of marble is calcium carbonate (limestone). In addition to the basic minerals, various elements and minerals are mixed together to form a variety of colors and textures.

designmarbleTake the marble materials in South America as an example. The geological movement in South America is strong, and the underground is rich in copper, iron, and various metal minerals. As a result, South American marbles usually have varied patterns and rich colors.

The distribution of various minerals in nature is uneven, this unevenness results in the difference of marble color.

Reason 3:Mining and processing methods are different

The marble material mined from the mine is usually the whole block. The block needs to be cut into pieces. We call it slab.

color difference


In the processing of block materials, there are different cutting directions. This kind of processing difference, in marble processing, even if very attention, can not be completely avoided, cut out of the slab, there will be more or less difference.

Reason 4:The surface processing degree is different

For the same marble variety, the color of rough surface is different from that of smooth surface.


In smooth surface, the difference between polishing to 10 degrees and polishing to 50 degrees, 70 degrees and 90 degrees is also very obvious. The brighter the grinding, the more obvious and bright the marble pattern and color, and the hazy beauty of the rough surface.

Looking at color difference with artistic eyes

Natural marble is not industrial product, her texture, color needs to undergo millions of years geological movement, draws the nature the sun and moon essence to form only, is truly "a born beauty".

color difference


The use of natural marble requires more respect and tolerance for nature.

Pure natural texture and luxurious texture are the biggest value of marble. For marbles with color difference, we can't treat them as "inferior". Marbles collected from nature are different from each other. Their colors and textures are only similar, but not identical. Color difference can form a colorful combination to produce a different effect.


color difference


The color difference of marble shows the maximum charm of marble. The natural color difference is the most natural and pure beauty that nature gives us.

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