Enjoy the charm of white marble!


White marble is more and more widely used in modern decoration design, and is gradually becoming the darling of high-end design field. Today, we will take you to appreciate the subtle use of white marble by different designers.

At present, the varieties of white natural marble on the market generally have:Snow WhiteSnow Flake WhiteFishbelly WhiteWhite CrystalVolakosAristonBianco Carrara and so on.

Snow White

Snow Flake White

Fishbelly White

White Crystal



Bianco Carrara

Popularity will always end, classics will last forever. Simple white marble can make the whole space look clean and elegant, avant-garde, low-key and noble and elegant. Modern society emphasizes Less is more's minimalist style and praises simplicity and white, which also brings more market potential to white marble.


Sunbelt Mining Group Co., Ltd. , Huateng Mining Investment Co., Ltd. , Pang De Luo Sha International Trade Co., Ltd. are subsidiaries of Weifang Huateng Group.The three companies specialize in various mining operations, processing of stone products , import and export trade and other business.The marketing headquarters is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province. At present, the company has three mining areas in Africa, covering a total area of 100 square kilometers, the cumulative reserves of all kinds of ores amounted to 420 million cubic meters.

The company's product positioning in the high-end market, operating all kinds of imported high-quality marble rubbles, plates, products including white jade marble, snow white marble, cloud ash marble, landscape paintings marble, etc.. We can provide high-quality raw materials for the vast number of construction, decoration, sculpture, chemical and other enterprises.

With the tenet of "credit first, customer first", the company always insists on providing customers with high-quality products to meet their needs, in order to create the overall aesthetic and value sense of the building. The company warmly welcomes the patronage and cooperation of customers at home and abroad to create a better tomorrow hand in hand.

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