• The Latest design of Flat-packing Housing

    Weifang Ju Jia flat-packing Housing Co., Ltd. is located in Weifang,Shandong province. Weifang Ju Jia flat-packing Housing Co., Ltd. is a production, design, installation as one of the modern steel structure flat-packing housing enterprises, with independent R & D and design capabilities, but also has a comprehensive construction technology and excellent sales service team. Weifang Ju Jia flat-packing Housing Co., Ltd. has focused on the design and production of steel structure engineering. Such as the design, manufacture and installation of steel and wood structure villa, container house, sentry box villa and flat-packing house.

  • High Quality Flat-packing Houses

    Weifang Jujia Modular Housing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of all kinds of flat-packing houses.It is suitable for different styles of buildings, and can be used in residential buildings, exclusive stores, office buildings, art museums, hotels and other buildings, with a wide range of applications.

  • Hot sun, Hot shipping

    After two years of planning, the mining operation of Sunbelt Mining Group Co., Ltd. is now on the right track. Although the world is suffering from the effects of the new coronavirus epidemic this year, every employee of Sunbelt Mining Group still works diligently in their own positions, especially the employees in the mining area, carrying out the mining and delivery work meticulously under the scorching sun.

  • JUJIA Flatpack Container House Gives You A New Home

    Jujia Flatpack container house is sealed tightly, heat insulated, moisture resistant and corrosion-resistant, beautiful in fire protection, firm and stable, random addition and subtraction, random separation, diverse in color and excellent in performance to meet the needs of different customers. Flatpack container house is not only suitable for buildings, railways, highways, bridges, water conservancy, electric power, oil, military and other units, but also can become a fashionable choice for home residence, homestay and hotel under the creation of modern design concept.

  • Full Load Operation of Marble Processing Plant in Sunbelt Mining Group

    The marble processing plant of Sunbelt Mining Group Co., Ltd. has been operating at full capacity every day for two months since it opened in Uganda.Clean plant area, excellent equipment and high-quality products attract many local customers in Uganda. At present, local marble sales orders in Uganda are steadily increasing. At the same time, many customers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and other regions are also actively contacting us to express their great interest in our products.

  • Stone care course: grinding

    Stone polishing and grinding is a process to reduce the peak and valley of the stone surface gradually and reach a certain surface roughness. After leveling the height difference with the shear piece, the stone surface reaches the highest surface roughness in the process of crystal surface treatment. After rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing with different numbers of grinding pieces, the stone surface reaches a certain surface roughness. After grinding the stone surface, the grinding plate has a corresponding surface roughness value: Ra value, and the surface roughness value is a value that cannot be accurately judged by the naked eye. Usually, the master judges according to the bottom light and the smooth hand feeling, and whether this judgment is accurate or not? Will be discussed in the following articl.

  • Simple light luxury marble home decoration

    The whole house is made of white marble, which makes people feel fresh and natural. Through the perfect connection of champagne and marble, the texture of the whole space is sublimated again. Marble is widely used in walls, floors, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and toilets.

  • Young people's favorite marble decoration style

    With the progress of the times, contemporary young people have more expectations for the setting of "home". No matter how big the space is, with a passion for life, we hope that home is not only a place to live, but also a place to stimulate enthusiasm and vitality. Marble wall decoration represents the simple quality of life attitude, without too much decoration, the quality of simple modern art comes naturally, local decoration metal, ignite space passion, make it present elegant style and fresh creative style.

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