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  • Marble decorated villa mansion: simple, advanced!

    Through two villa decoration cases, this article fully shows the key role of marble in interior decoration. The texture of marble improves the texture of the space, and there is no redundant decoration with wood, but it can better reflect the atmosphere of luxury mansion. The collision of white marble and black marble makes the space more open and bright. The strong contrast shows the style of the mansion.

  • The beauty of natural marble is much advanced than the elaborate decoration

    In most people's minds, marble material seems to be mostly used in European and luxurious style house decoration. In fact, modern marble decoration has become the main theme of home decoration design today. Concise fashion is the trend of future marble design, which also fits the low-key luxury of natural marble.

  • African white jade marble unveiled in 2020 Shuitou Stone Expo

    At this year's Shuitou Stone Fair, Sunshine Mining Group Co., Ltd. joined hands with Herui &Yuntong Stone Industry to grandly promote our self-operated mining area and African natural white jade marble.

  • Natural marble is the first choice for home decoration

    If you want to talk about the most fascinating place of marble,it can't be without its ever-changing colors.The color of marble is not purely single.It's changing, dynamic and complex.Several or even dozens of them come together.It radiates brilliant brilliance.Even the classic black, white and grey.Nature can also give them thousands of changes.It can be said that stone is a natural "brush" for home design.It is an indispensable element of your house decoration.

  • Why is Volakas more and more expensive?

    The purity of Volakas is like the eastern sky at dawn, pure and blurred; it is fluttering in the air like a ribbon, passing by with sleeves; it is more ethereal and light like smoke. Through interesting art decoration, the quality of life and relaxed feeling can be properly reflected. Volakas, a kind of stone like a picture, is not only the "mainstay" of Greece in the "romantic kingdom", but also has a deeper meaning in China. Chinese people have always been fond of mountains and rivers, like to use color, outline the beauty of nature on the Xuan paper. Volakas between white and gray, is the most natural landscape painting without carving.

  • Is the staircase made of marble or granite? How to choose?

    Nowadays,people attach great importance to home decoration So today we will discuss with you from the angle of stair decoration Is the staircase made of marble or granite? Which one is more practical? Stone staircase decoration, let a home become extraordinary!

  • Which of the marble top mounted basin and under counter basin is better?

    Wash basin is also called basin,common basin generally has two kinds: on the stage basin and under the stage basin. Compared with the basin under the stage, the sundries and water stains of the basin on the stage can not be directly wiped into the basin, so it is more troublesome to clean the table top. Marble washstand, with its vibrant texture and luxurious and elegant temperament, makes people fall in love with it. The texture of each marble is different. The marble with clear texture, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, reveals a mysterious and perplexing luxury and extraordinary temperament. Used in every corner, can bring a visual feast.

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